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Here in France we eat the local baguettes fresh and certainly on the same day as it is bought. So what to do with the left overs? This blog is devoted to the reuse of old bread to create gourmet dishes and to collect recipes for stale bread, traditional and new, from around the world. Why throw away good food when you can transform it into wonderful sweet and savoury dishes?

Feel free to send me any ideas and recipes.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pain Perdu Quick and Easy

Pain perdu is a favourite with kids in France. It means litererally, Lost Bread, and the French make it into a sweet dish. A friend from Amsterdam says that they call it wentelteefje (rolling bitch) soak in milk/egg mixture, fry in butter, serve with sugar and cinnamon. Easy as that!

I had Pain Perdu served with ice cream as a dessert in a restaurant here in Limousin.

It is know in England as well. My great grandmother, who came from the north, used to make it for my mother, but as a savoury dish - just miss out the sugar, add salt and pepper.

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